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Founded 2014 - Livia Cevolini; Franco Cevolini
Announced 12 December 2017[1]
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The Energica Motorcycle Company S.p.A., otherwise known simply as Energica, is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer who specialise in developing electrically powered motorbikes.[2] Formed as a subsidiary of the CRP Group, Energica were the first Italian manufacturer to produce an electric "supersport" motorcycle, and use advanced manufacturing techniques such as 3d printing.[2]

On 12 December 2017 Energica signed a deal with Dorna Sports SL to supply the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup, with their Ego Corsa model becoming the series' base bike.[1]


Energica's origins can be traced back to 2009, when the CRP Group began investigations into developing an electric motorcycle.[2] eCRP duly developed a racing bike, which first hit the track in late 2010, being the first electric bike to be built from the ground up, rather than trace its origins to a bike with an internal combustion engine.[2] Two years of racing the eCRP saw the group claim various eRoadRacing titles, prompting eCRP to begin work on developing a road legal electric motorcycle.[2]

An Ego Complex

eCRP would subsequently rename itself as the Energica Motorcycle Company in November 2014, having already launched its first road worthy bike, the Ego.[2] The Ego was subsequently refined and partially relaunched as the Ego45, while a second Engergica model, the Eva, was launched at the same time as their name change.[2] The group subsequently began developing a racing version of the Ego, named the Ego Corsa in 2017.[2]

MotoE History

Energica were first involved in the FIM MotoE World Cup project in late 2017, when they were approached by Dorna Sports SL to build bikes for the all-electric race series.[1] A deal between the two was subsequently announced on 12 December 2017, with Energica becoming the new series' sole supplier of bikes.[1] An order of eighteen Ego Corsa bikes was subsequently sent to the manufacturer after the series launch on 6 February 2018, with testing beginning soon after.[3]

A Destructive Spark

Ahead of the inaugural 2019 FIM Enel MotoE World Cup a major fire on 14 March 2019 destroyed all of the series' Ego Corsa bikes, as well as their equipment.[4] The fire, caused by a short-circuit on a recharged battery, also destroyed all of the facilities set up to support the series at the Jerez circuit, with Energica immediately investigating how the failure had happened.[5] Energica would also commit to building eighteen new Ego Corsas before the end of May 2019, with another pre-season test scheduled to test the new crop of bikes.[6]


Energica currently supply all eighteen Ego Corsa bikes to the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup, serving as the series' sole manufacturer.[1]


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