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Founded 21 December 1904
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The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme, frequently abbreviated to the FIM (International Motorcycling Federation in English), is an international motorsports association based in Mies, Switzerland.[1] Well known as the sanctioning and governing body for the MotoGP Championship, the FIM serve as the sanctioning body of the FIM MotoE World Cup, which it organises in partnership with Dorna Sports SL.[2]

The FIM are one of the oldest motorsports related bodies in the world, and were the first motorsports association to sign up to the United Nations Environmental Programme in 2006.[1]


The FIM was founded on the 21 December 1904 in Paris, France, as the Fédération Internationale des Clubs Motocyclistes after a meeting of several early motorcycle clubs at the Ledoyen restaurant.[1] The new body was not to last for long, however, with a dispute at the 1906 International Cup in Patzau, Bohemia, resulting in a unanimous decision by its members to dissolve the FICM.[1] However, the FCIM would not be completely dissolved, with the Auto-Cycle Union (ACU) of Britain remaining a member of the FCIM in 1907.[1]

A British Revival

It was the ACU that effectively ensured that the FICM was revived, arranging a meeting in Olympia, London, on the 28 November 1912 of all of the major motorcycle associations in Europe.[1] The FICM was instantly re-established, with a second meeting in Paris, which included three more associations, seeing the formal revival of the FICM with ten founding members.[1] Sir Arthur Stanley MP was elected as the FICM's first President, while Marquis de Mouzilly St-Mars became the FICM's patron.[1]

The revived FICM arranged numerous events from 1913 onward, while also steadily gaining new members from across Europe.[1] In 1937 an agreement was made with the International Association of Recognised Automobile Clubs, the predecessor of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), leading to the FICM becoming the de facto head body of motorcycle racing.[1] FICM was subsequently forced to suspend all of its activities during the Second World War, with the FICM launching a new event, the Motocross des Nations, when it returned in 1947.[1]

The FICM would continue to evolve during the latter part of the twentieth century, organising Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix as its headline series.[1] In 1949 the FICM changed its name to the Fédération Internationale Motocycliste, prior to a move of headquarters to Geneva, Switzerland, having previously been based in London, UK.[1] 1994 saw another change of headquarters and a name change, with the freshly renamed Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme moving into its own building in Mies, Switzerland.[1]

As of 2019 the FIM organises all of the major international motorcycle championships, including MotoGP, FIM Superbike World Championship and the FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix.[1] The FIM has also formed a long-term partnership with Spanish sports management and marketing company Dorna Sports SL, which began when Dorna obtained all of the commercial rights to the MotoGP World Championship in 1992.[3]

MotoE World Cup History

The FIM and Dorna Sports opted to create their own electric bike racing series during the late 2010s, with interest in electric racing having grown with the creation of the FIA Formula E Championship.[2] The new series, dubbed the FIM MotoE World Cup, was launched on the 6 February 2018, with the FIM acting as the new series' governing body.[2] The new creation would serve at the same level as the Moto3 Championship, supporting the MotoGP Championship at several European rounds.[2]


The FIM only serve as the sanctioning body of the FIM MotoE World Cup, and hence produce no material of their own.[1]


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