Flag of London London
Circuit Layout
London Layout
Circuit Details
Name Formula E Visa London ePrix
Location Flag of the United Kingdom London
Length 2.92km (1.81mi)
Corners 17
First Race 27th June 2015
Circuit Records
Fastest Lap Qualifying Wins
1:22.033 1:24.152 2
Flag of Switzerland Sébastien Buemi Flag of Switzerland Sébastien Buemi Flag of France Nicolas Prost

The London ePrix is an FIA Formula E Championship round, twice staged in Battersea Park, London.[1] Based in the capital city of the United Kingdom, the London ePrix was host to the season finale of the inaugural 2014/15 Championship, a role it reprised for the 2015/16 season.[1]

City HistoryEdit

London's history as a city can be traced back to the Roman era, having been founded as Londinium in 43 AD.[2] London became the capital of England (or Britannia as it was still known) in 100 AD after its reconstruction, although the fall of Rome saw London abandoned.[2] However, after the construction of Westminster Abbey by Edward the Confessor, London was given its former status as capital once more, and one it has retained ever since.[2] Previously the largest city in the world from 1831 to 1925, London was often considered the financial capital of the world, a status that few may challenge, with many international businesses placing their headquarters in the British capital.[2]

Formula E HistoryEdit

Battersea Park, on the bank of the river Thames, has twice played host to the FIA Formula E Championship season finale, with a circuit which uses the public walkways around the park, with the pits and podium set up in the park.

Circuit HistoryEdit

After a successful negotiation process with the local council, and London City Council, Battersea Park would play host to a double header which would serve as the season finale for the inaugural season, serving as the Championship's home round.[3] The London ePrix would also play host to the conclusion of the 2015/16 Championship, although a protest from a local action group put the double header in doubt.[4] However, negotiations were made to allow the season finale to be held, albeit at the cost that Formula E could not use Battersea Park ever again.[4]

Circuit LayoutEdit

Featuring seventeen turns, in a combination of chicanes, sweeping bends and a few hairpins, it is hoped that the 2.92km circuit will test all of the potential in the Spark-Renault SRT_01E.[1] The first corner was slightly modified during the First London ePrix, narrowed to avoid a large bump in the road.[5] The track was resurfaced over night, and the full turn one was restored for the 2015 London ePrix II, before going unmodified for season two.[3]


A full list of records for the London ePrix is outlined below, including a list of race winners.


Below is a list of all of the winners of ePrix held in London:

London ePrix Winners List
Season Name Circuit Date Winner Report
2014/15 2015 Visa London ePrix I Battersea Park 27th July 2015 Flag of Switzerland Sébastien Buemi Report
2014/15 2015 Visa London ePrix II Battersea Park 28th July 2015 Flag of the United Kingdom Sam Bird Report
2015/16 2016 Visa London ePrix I Battersea Park 2nd July 2016 Flag of France Nicolas Prost Report
2015/16 2016 Visa London ePrix II Battersea Park 3rd July 2016 Flag of France Nicolas Prost Report

Battersea Park RecordsEdit

Formula E visited the British capital in June 2015 and July 2016, with four races at the Battersea Park circuit over the two visits:

  • Qualifying Record: 1:22.033 - Sébastien Buemi (2016)
  • Lap Record: 1:24.150 - Sebastien Buemi (2016)
  • Most Poles: Sebastien Buemi (2)
  • Most Wins: Nicolas Prost (2)


Videos and Images:


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