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NIO Formula E Team
NIO FE Logo 2017
Team Information
Based Flag of the United Kingdom London, UK
Début 2014 Beijing ePrix
Founder Unknown
Key People Steven Lu; Yu Liu
Driver(s) Oliver Turvey (No. 16)
Tom Dillmann (No. 8)
Car NIO Sport 004
Sponsor(s) Unknown
Website NIO
Team Stats
Last Season 8th (47 pt(s))
Entries 45
Wins 2
First Win 2015 Long Beach ePrix
Points 277
Poles 2
Podiums 6
Fastest Laps 3
Titles 0
Current Season
Entrant NIO Formula E Team
Flag of the United Kingdom Oliver Turvey Flag of France Tom Dillmann
Oliver Turvey 100px
16th (6 Pt(s)) 21st (0 Pt(s))
Team Standings
10th (6 Pt(s))

The NIO Formula E Team, previously known as China Racing, NextEV TCR and NextEV NIO, are an entrant in the 2018/19 ABB FIA Formula E Championship, fielding Oliver Turvey and the relatively inexperienced Tom Dillmann.[1] The NIO FE Team use powertrains built by NIO (formerly NextEV), and have competed since the inaugural 2014/15 campaign.[1]

Previously, NIO in their former guise as China Racing organised Nelson Piquet Jr.'s title winning campaign in 2014/15, before becoming a manufacturer team for 2015/16.[2] Unfortunately for them their subsequent seasons as a manufacturer entry would not reach the same heights, with no further wins, and only one podium in 2017/18.[3]


China Racing were originally formed in 2004, taking part in the A1 GP Series.[1] They have, more recently, competed in FIA GT1 and organised numerous events in China, while also associating themselves with some of the biggest electronics companies in their home nation.[1]

Formula E HistoryEdit

Having started the season as China Racing, NEXTEV TCR were only the second team to be announced for the championship in February 2013.[1] China Racing combined their entry with a statement that they intend to have their own built car in the championship within three years.[1] Jérôme d'Ambrosio tested for the team during the first four days of the 2014 Donington Test, joined on the fourth day by Juan Manuel López. Nelson Piquet Jr. and Ho-Pin Tung were later named as their two nominated drivers for the season, both attending the 2014 Beijing ePrix.[4]

Three other drivers would be named by them for NEXTEV TCR during the 2014/15 campaign, as Ho-Pin Tung left the team after the 2015 Buenos Aires ePrix, having been unable to attend many of the remaining races.[5] Piquet was the team's star driver, proving his worth at the 2015 Long Beach ePrix by taking a dominant victory, putting himself into title contention.[6] Charles Pic raced for the team from Miami until Berlin, with Antonio Garcia taking turns in Punta del Este and Moscow.[7]

With Piquet taking a second victory in the 2015 Moscow ePrix, NEXTEV TCR were on the verge of taking a title, although their Teams' challenge was over once e.dams-Renault took the points they needed to win with a race to spare.[8] With Oliver Turvey joining the team for the London double header, Piquet was successful in defending his Championship lead, ultimately winning the title by a single point.[2]

Power ProblemsEdit

NEXTEV were confident ahead of their first season as a manufacturer, with Piquet offered a big-money deal to keep him at the team.[9] The team also brought in British racer Turvey on a full season deal to partner their World Champion, while the new NextEV TCR FormulaE 001 prepared to make its public debut at the 2015 Donington Test.[10] Unfortunately for the team, the new car proved to be a massive headache during the test, with numerous problems preventing Turvey and Piquet from completing any significant mileage.

The season opening round in Beijing would prove to be a better run for the team, with Turvey completing an excellent drive to take sixth, the car proving to be a brilliant preserver of energy.[11] Piquet then managed to score in the 2015 Putrajaya ePrix, again through a conservative drive, before the car showed its lack of pace in Punta del Este.[12] Turvey secured another couple of points in Buenos Aires, before the team hit a terrible run of form that saw them fail to score until the season ending double header in London.[13] There would be some joy for the team in the finale, with Piquet setting fastest lap in the 2016 London ePrix I, before both he and Turvey scored points in the final race.[14]

Renovating researchEdit

China Racing logo

The third logo of the NIO FE Team.

Piquet and Turvey were retained by the team, who had started development on their 2016/17 challenger as early as permitted by the FIA.[15] The new FormulaE 002 was put through a gruelling shakedown programme ahead of the 2016 Donington Test, with the team confident that the new car would at least complete a long run, unlike its predecessor. Their hopes were relieved when Turvey and Piquet both enjoyed a problem free test, although the car was well down the pecking order in terms of outright pace.

NIO NeedsEdit

For 2017/18 NextEV NIO changed their name to the NIO Formula E Team, with the team now registered as a British entry with operations based in London and Donington Park.[16] Furthermore the team would lose season one Champion Piquet to Jaguar Racing, meaning they had to find someone to partner new lead driver Turvey for the season.[17] They duly hired experienced Italian racing driver Luca Filippi to partner the Brit, while Ma Qing Hua was hired as their reserve driver.[17]

Turvey's one lap pace with the new NextEV NIO 003 would be impressive during the 2017 Valencia Test, with the Brit setting the fastest time overall across the three days.[18] Yet, strong one lap pace did not translate to excellent race pace, with Turvey failing to score at the opening round, as Filippi claimed his maiden points finish.[19] Things went better for Turvey in the second race in Hong Kong, with the Brit finishing sixth as teammate Filippi retired.[19]

A difficult couple of races would follow in Marrakech and Santiago, with neither Turvey nor Filippi scoring at all. The team would also have a less than impressive run at the 2018 Rookie Test, with Alexandre Imperatori and Harry Tincknell solidly in the bottom half of the table.[20] Yet Turvey was not to be deterred, and duly recorded a stunning second place in the 2018 Mexico City E-Prix, fending off season two Champion Sébastien Buemi in the closing stages in a thrilling final lap fight.[3]

Unfortunately for NIO that would be as good as it got, with Turvey only managing to finish seventh in Punta del Este as Filippi failed to score once again.[21] Both then failed to score in Rome, before Ma replaced Filippi ahead of the Paris E-Prix, with NIO exercising their right to change drivers during the season.[22] Unfortunately for them, Ma's would remain true to his previous FE form and duly failed to score after a start-line issue, while Turvey claimed a couple of points in ninth.[23]

Turvey would pull out another strong result in Berlin as Filippi returned, the Brit claiming fifth after a race long battle with Jean-Éric Vergne and Buemi to stay on the podium.[24] The Brit picked up another points score in Zürich, before a heavy accident in practice ruled him out of the season finale in New York.[25] NIO were therefore forced to field a single pair of cars for Filippi in the penultimate race, before Ma took over Turvey's rebuilt pair for the final race of the season, although neither he nor Filippi would score.[26]

Generation NIO?Edit

NIO would continue to enter Formula E into the 2018/19 season, becoming one of the nine homologated powertrain manufacturers for the new Spark Gen 2.[27]

Formula E RecordEdit

The tables below show NIO Formula E Team's full record in the FIA Formula E Championship.

Formula E EntriesEdit

The table below given and overview of NIO Formula E Team's entries in Formula E:

NIO Formula E Team's overall Formula E Record
Season Official name No. Drivers DC Pos. DC Pts. Car TC Pos. TC Pts.
2014/15 Flag of China China Racing
Flag of China NEXTEV TCR
88 Flag of China Ho-Pin Tung 26th 0 Spark-Renault SRT_01E 4th 152
88 Flag of Spain Antonio Garcia 28th 0
88 Flag of France Charles Pic 18th 16
88 Flag of the United Kingdom Oliver Turvey 22nd 4
99 Flag of Brazil Nelson Piquet Jr. 1st 144
2015/16 Flag of China NEXTEV TCR 1 Flag of Brazil Nelson Piquet Jr. 15th 8 NextEV TCR FormulaE 001 9th 19
88 Flag of the United Kingdom Oliver Turvey 14th 11
2016/17 Flag of China NextEV NIO 3 Flag of Brazil Nelson Piquet Jr. 11th 33 NextEV FormulaE 002 6th 59
88 Flag of the United Kingdom Oliver Turvey 12th 26
2017/18 Flag of the United Kingdom NIO Formula E Team 68 Flag of Italy Luca Filippi 21st 1 NextEV NIO 003 8th 47
68* Flag of China Ma Qing Hua 23rd 0
88 Flag of the United Kingdom Oliver Turvey 10th 46
2018/19 Flag of the United Kingdom NIO Formula E Team[27] 8 Flag of France Tom Dillmann[28] NIO Sport 004
16 Flag of the United Kingdom Oliver Turvey[28]

Career ResultsEdit

Listed below are the full career results of NIO Formula E Team:

FIA Formula E Championship Record
Year Driver Rounds Pos. Pts.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
2014/15 Flag of China Flag of Malaysia Flag of Uruguay Flag of Argentina Flag of the United States Flag of the United States Flag of Monaco Flag of Germany Flag of Russia Flag of the United Kingdom Flag of the United Kingdom 4th 152
Piquet 8th Ret 2nd 3rd 5th 1st 3rd 4th 1st 5th 7th
Tung 16th 11th 11th
Garcia 11th 19th
Pic 17th 16th 8th 15th
Turvey 9th 9th
2015/16 Flag of China Flag of Malaysia Flag of Uruguay Flag of Argentina Flag of Mexico Flag of the United States Flag of France Flag of Germany Flag of Russia Flag of the United Kingdom Flag of the United Kingdom 9th 19
Piquet 15th 8th 15th 12th 13th Ret Ret 13th CAN 14th 9th
Turvey 6th Ret 12th 9th 11th 12th 13th 12th CAN 15th 10th
2016/17 Flag of Hong Kong Flag of Morocco Flag of Argentina Flag of Mexico Flag of Monaco Flag of France Flag of Germany Flag of Germany Flag of the United States Flag of the United States Flag of Canada Flag of Canada 6th 59
Piquet 11th 16th 5th 9th 4th 7th 13th 12th 11th 16th 13th 16th
Turvey 8th 7th 9th Ret 13th 11th 10th 9th 6th 14th 15th 17th
2017/18 Flag of Hong Kong Flag of Hong Kong Flag of Morocco Flag of Chile Flag of Mexico Flag of Uruguay Flag of Italy Flag of France Flag of Germany Flag of Switzerland Flag of the United States Flag of the United States 8th 47
Turvey 16th 6th Ret 14th 2nd 7th 12th 9th 5th 9th INJ INJ
Filippi 10th Ret 16th 12th 14th 13th 13th 17th Ret 15th Ret
Ma 17th 13th
2018/19 Flag of Saudi Arabia Flag of Morocco Flag of Chile Flag of Mexico Flag of Hong Kong Flag of China Flag of Italy Flag of France Flag of Monaco Flag of Germany Flag of Switzerland Flag of the United States Flag of the United States 10th 6
Turvey 13th 16th 8th 12th 9th
Dillmann 14th 17th Ret 15th 12th


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